Heads Collective is the communication agency founded by Renzo di Renzo and Federico Vanin in 2007, after the experience at Fabrica (Benetton Group), which combines the strategic and marketing approach, the talent of a creative boutique, and the reliability of a large agency, relying on a team of strategists, accounts, art directors, press officers, social media managers and digital specialists.


Brand identity
Naming, logo design, corporate identity. Catalogues, flyers and brochures, window signs, annual reports and company profiles. Below the line communication. Illustration. Product graphics.
Multichannel communication campaigns: on line and off line, print, outdoor and video. Media planning and buying.
Photo & Video
Photo shooting production and post-production. Concept and production of spots, institutional videos, backstages, reportages. Different techniques (live action, motion graphic, stop motion).
Product design. Packaging, expositors, stands, shop-in-shop and shops’ design.
Digital & Social
Web and app design and development. Digital strategy and media planning, campaigns, contests and promotions. Social media and community management, influencers engagement and digital PR.
Special projects & Events
Multichannel client specific campaigns. Territorial marketing. On line and off line contests. Edutainment projects. Co-marketing and sponsorships research. Indoor and outdoor events.
Press & PR
Press Office and PR activities for associations, institutions and companies of any size. Drafting and disseminating corporate and product press releases. Organising and managing press conferences. Managing press releases. Maintaining working relationships and contacts with jouralists and media.


First Heads, then hands.
At first, we think.

Step 1
Listen to the client, HE IS (almost) ALWAYS RIGHT!
Step 2
Research, insight, benchmarking, research, insight, benchmarking. And again.
Step 3
Marketing and communication goals definition.
Step 4
Research, insight, benchmarking (again).
Step 5
Brand strategy and positioning.
Step 6
Research, insight, benchmarking (again?).
Step 7
Ok found!
Step 8
Research, insight, benchmarking (stop!).
Step 9
Yes! Exactly like this.

But then we make!


Everyday (and sometimes by night) without giving up on living.


“Near Venice” to be international. Based in Treviso, willing to travel.


Without our customers we couldn’t live (literally). From big companies to start-ups, from institutions, museums and foundations to non-profit associations: we like differences, in every sense (sector, views, approach). From fashion to social communication, from culture to sport, from finance to services, from food to tourism: we don’t miss a thing.

How much

Since: 2007
Heads: 60
Hands: 120
Average age: 32
Clients: 300 (more or less)
Projects done: a lot
Projects undone: 100x
Passion: 1, always the same