Heads/ Fattore K


artwork Anna Basso, Michela Beccacece, Lorenzo Bravi, Marco Callegari, Enrica Cavarzan, Francesco De Luca, Renzo di Renzo, Paolo Palma, Federico Vanin, Marco Zavagno


What remains of places and in places once they no longer have a function? Will things, walls, have memories as people do? In what form of immaterial life is the movement that enlivened a dispersed or transformed space to be found?

It is in this spirit that we have aimed at objectively investigating the traces of transcendence in a disused building, an old yarn manufactory (Mafil in Vittorio Veneto), on a day picked out by chance: May 10th 2009, from 11.47 a.m. to 5.12 p.m.

We carried out a technical survey with the use of archaeological remains, an iconographic reconnaissance of electric and typographic elements, three-dimensional inquiries into luminosity, the resonance and transpositions of the movements within the space which were computerised into numbered codes, as well as a complete taxonomical examination of the dust and other material residues.

Anatomy of a factory shed is the project which has been published in the pages of ! magazine, attached to Corriere della Sera / Corriere del Veneto, published on June 5th.